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Discover real facts about nutrition and bust the most common nutrition myths. Guided by our dietitian Roos London.

What you can expect

✓ Nudges

You’ll receive every other day a short email with a video and an assignment.

Become more aware of your health and apply the latest scientific insights.

It costs you only 10 min a day.

✓ Personal guidance

Book a session with one of our dietitians for personal guidance.

It creates a deeper understanding of how you could improve your diet.

✓ Roos London

Roos is a sporty dietitian. She loves to bust nutrition myths and hand you the right tools to make better decisions.

She is ready for anyone who wants to change and improve his or her diet. With a realistic approach.

You’ll learn how to …


✓ … bust the most common nutrition myths

✓ … have a broader view on nutrition

✓ … recognise which diet is best for you

✓ … realise that not everything you read online is true

✓ … understand that all diets work

Join our course and improve your diet. Step by step.