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Learn how to improve your health & physical performance. Guided by our doctor and well-being expert Aäron Spapens.

What you can expect

✓ Nudges

You’ll receive every other day a short email with a video and an assignment.

Become more aware of your unlocked athletic potential and apply the latest scientific insights.

It costs you only 10 min a day.

✓ Personal guidance

Book a session with one of our well-being experts for personal guidance.

It creates a deeper understanding of how you could optimise your training.

✓ Aäron Spapens

A former athlete and extraordinary medical doctor who has been studying how to optimise and improve your daily training routine for over 10 years.

He educates, inspires and activates you to improve your sports performance.

You’ll learn how to …


✓ … set the right goals

✓ … plan and increase intensity

✓ … understand what the role of nutrition is

✓ … intensify your training

✓ … build a routine that works for you

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