Improve your health in 21 days

Immerse yourself in the principles of health, energy, and performance. Guided by doctor and triathlete Els Visser.

What can you expect

✓ Nudges

You’ll receive every other day a short email with a video and an assignment.

Become more aware of your health and apply the latest scientific insights.

It costs you only 10 min a day.

✓ Personal guidance

Book a session with one of our well-being experts for personal guidance.

It creates a deeper understanding of how you could optimise your breathing.

✓ Els Visser

“In 2014 a boat I had taken sank in the middle of the night. Clinging for life in the wreckage, I swam for 8 hours to a nearby island.

It prompted me to live my life to the fullest and follow my dreams. I left my career as a doctor to turn into a pro triathlon athlete.”

You’ll learn how to …


✓ … cope with stress and relax yourself

✓ … improve your sleep quality

✓ … hack your cravings

✓ … control your energy with breathing

✓ … exercise more consciously

Join our course and improve your health. Step by step.