Optimise your sleep in 5 days

Optimise your sleep and increase your energy and mental performance. Guided by our medical doctor Aäron Spapens.

What you can expect

✓ Nudges

You’ll receive every other day a short email with a video and an assignment.

Become more aware of your sleep and apply the latest scientific insights.

It costs you only 10 min a day.

✓ Personal guidance

Book a session with one of our well-being experts for personal guidance.

It creates a deeper understanding of how you could influence your sleep quality.

✓ Aäron Spapens

A former athlete and extraordinary medical doctor who has been studying sleep for over 5 years.

He educates, inspires and activates you to understand sleep and apply simple practices in your daily life.

You’ll learn how …


✓ … sleep works

✓ … to discover signs of insufficient sleep

✓ … to monitor your sleep

✓ … to increase your mental performance

✓ … to improve your sleep quality and quantity

Join to improve your sleep. Step by step.