Aäron Spapens

Aaron works as a lifestyle doctor at OpenUp Medical. His interest in lifestyle medicine stems from the motto: A healthy mind in a healthy body. Find out together what your needs and/or challenges are and where your motivation lies. Based on this, jointly shape goals and plans.

He believes in positive health, which does not look at limitations but at opportunities. So much potential through a healthier diet, better exercise, more connection, conscious breathing, and regular relaxation. You lead this process and Aaron helps you with personal attention, explanation, and advice.

Aaron breathes sport and exercise. He regularly does HIIT training, mobility exercises, walks or cycles through nature, and climbs vertically. Moving is his relaxation and social connection. Breathing is his zen moment and nutrition his true love (besides his girlfriend). He likes to amaze and wonder to grow personally.

Aäron obtained his doctorate degree at the Free University of Amsterdam. He subsequently gained clinical experience in internal and family medicine. Aäron works as a project leader in medical education, ANIOS family medicine, and (personal) trainer. He is currently training to become a lifestyle coach. Aaron speaks both Dutch and English.

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