Christy van Drie

Christy works as a lifestyle educated doctor at OpenUp Medical. She is happy to guide you in your search for balance. Probably you recognise the feeling of juggling with too many balls.

How do you take care of yourself? What are your bottlenecks and needs? As a mother with young children, she knows how difficult it is to make time for self-care and how it affects your health. She has a lot of knowledge in the field of lifestyle (sleep, nutrition, breathing, exercise and female health) and supports you in a practical way.

Christy loves to paint, draw, travel and spend time with her beloved ones. In addition, she enjoys Yoga Nidra, meditations, exercising and nature.

She studied Medicine, followed by a specialisation as a general practitioner, at the University of Amsterdam. She also did various courses from Integrative Medicine to Hypnobirthing teacher and birth trauma counseling for babies and young children.

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