Understand your body in 10 days

Gain awareness about women’s health. Guided by our medical doctor Rianne Toenhake.

What you can expect

✓ Nudges

You’ll receive every other day a short email with a video and an assignment.

Become more aware of your health and apply the latest scientific insights.

It costs you only 10 min a day.

✓ Personal guidance

Book a session with one of our well-being experts for personal guidance.

It creates a deeper understanding of how you could implement your women’s health.

✓ Rianne Toenhake

Medical doctor and well-being experts with extensive knowledge in the field of the female body, pregnancy and related matters.

She is looking forward to help you to active and better understand your cycle.

You’ll learn how to …


✓ … understand your hormone and menstrual cycle

✓ … recognize and track body signals

✓ … build new, healthy habits

✓ … help your cycle with sleep and nutrition

✓ … restore the balance of your body and your hormones

Join our course and improve your health. Step by step.